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Ping My URL is a service to update different search engines that your website or blog has been updated. Pinging improves SEO rankings. Too many pinging can have negative effect. You should ping your website or blog after you make a change on your website or blog.

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Top best 5 Pinging websites and tools that drive more traffic- is used to ping your website and notify your blog to all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Pinging is a process that drives traffic to your blog by notifying the search engines and blog networks. We also know pinging as a process of notifying the search engines when any update happens on your blog. With these Free Blog pinging Websites list and tools given below you can ping your blogs to get notified by hundreds of search engine and Blog networks and their directories. We have tested all the pinging website given below. These all pinging websites work great to drive huge traffic. We would recommend you to use all of them one by one.

Top Best 5 pinging websites to drive more traffic:-

1. Bulk Pinging Service Bulk Pinging Service

As we know about Pingler is the top best pinging services used by many new and old bloggers and website owners. You have to enter your blog title and your blog URL are RSS URL and then select your blog category too, now click on Ping Ping button, this service will automatically notify your blog to all search engines.

2. Ping-o-matic:

Ping-o-matic pinging website

Ping-o-Matic Updates with multiple services and search engines about updates to weblog content, with every single ping. Pingomatic is a service that keeps on updating regularly with pinging sites. so that you can ping to the latest search engines.

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3. Google search engines pinging services

Google search engines pinging is mass pinging services that notification is almost to Google search engines with a single click. This Pinging List includes most of the Google search engines along with the most popular search engines. You will definitely get benefit with Google ping, by notifying many Google search engines.

4. Mass Pinging Services Mass Pinging Services

Massping is a bulk pinging services notifying many search engines on blog networks. You have an option to enter a list of your blog URLs are RSS URLs to do the pinging process. You can also enter keywords that are related to your blog this will notify the search engines your blogs along with the following keywords.

5. Backlink pinging tool

Backlink pinging tool

Backlinkping is a website that provides bulk ping to your backlinks to the search engines and gets indexed in your backlinks directory.

Important Note: We would recommend you to Don't do excessive ping, as it will result penalized by Google and the search engines used for pinging.


These were some top best 5 pinging websites that will drive a huge traffic to your blog without any risk.(If used within limit). All the above pinging websites are totally free of cost. All of the pinging websites works great. As we have tested all of them and they all work fine for us. You can also use all of them and comment on which one do you like the most. If you also know any pinging website that works great to share with us. So, that we can update our list for better help to others.